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  1. I’m confused by your color coded image. According to every other bit of info on the internet about the thermistor, the fridge will warm up as you move the thermistor down since the air at the bottom of the fridge is colder since cold air falls. The higher you move the thermistor the colder your fridge will get because the air up there is warmer. Can you explain why you suggest to move it “down” to make the fridge colder rather than “up”?

  2. Absolutely. The cooling on all current models of refrigerator begins at the top right hand corner and travels left then down and back to the right. This evidenced by the ice that will form from the condensate on the fins. Where does it always collect first? The top right. These thermistors are supposed to measure air temperature for sure but when you connect it directly to the fins that are below freezing at any one time it tends to affect the readings. I would suggest you set the thermistor in each place and take a resistance measurement across the terminals. See where you get the best reading from for your refrigerator.

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