Are you having trouble with your ammonia refrigerators? We at RV REFRIGERATOR REPAIR specialize in ammonia cooling coils. No matter the manufacturer or size of ammonia refrigerator you have, there are three things that have to occur for proper cooling to be achieved;

1. The refrigerator has adequate ventilation (0 clearance on sides and 0 on bottom and top).
2. The refrigerator must be level.
3. The refrigerator must have the correct heat.

If you don’t know how to check these criteria yourself, please contact us at 256-784-5133. You can also email us directly at [email protected]

If you find the ventilation clear, the heating source is adequate, and the unit is level, the cooling unit should cool to a temperature between 35 and 41 degrees farenheit after a minimum of 8 hours. If it does not, you most likely have a defective cooling unit. Please check for the following before calling us so we can find the right solution for you more efficiently. Any of these findings will indicate a leaking cooling unit.

1. Check for the smell of ammonia in or around the refrigerator.
2. Check for a yellowish or greenish powder around the insulation pack in the exterior access panel.
3. Check for a gurgling sound after allowing the unit to run for more than 15 minutes.
4. Check for the rear of your refrigerator getting hot while the interior of the refrigerator is not cooling.