Remanufacturing Process

Listed below is information about how we service your cooling unit:

  1. When we receive a cooling unit core at our Indiana facility, we clean them to remove dirt, foam and rust.
  2. We remove the defective portions of the cooling unit core to flush the unit completely of refrigerant.
  3. We use special enhanced tubing to rebuild the defective portions of the core cooling unit
  4. We then pressure test the coil and check for leaks using a chemical indicator to find microscopic holes and cracks.
  5. The core is now vacuumed to remove all remaining air and debris.
  6. The unit then goes to the temperature-controlled charging room where it is charged with the proper amount of refrigerant.
  7. The unit is function tested and again checked for leaks.
  8. The cooling coil gets cleaned again and painted with enamel to prevent corrosion and rust.
  9. After the coil has dried, we apply foam to the coil using fiberglass molds to ensure a perfect fit.
  10. The unit is then shipped or installed on the refrigerator.
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